Veterans/Collier intersection 
  A. 2.056 Acres
  B. Zoned C-4
  C. All Utilities Included
​ 1. Will Fill lot to road grade on Veterans Boulevard with a drain slop to the West on Collier Drive
  2. Will fill to All Property Lines to the max the full 2.056 Lot
  3. Will Cut and Fill a 2 to 1 slope from Property, Line Portion of fill to 
​ 4. Will Put top soil down where needed and straw and seed entire lot
  5. Builded a Retention wall Pond in Floodway outside of Property to maximize full use of property. A open ditch on the west side of the Property will carry water and run to the pond
  6. Will Fill only all 50 foot Easements for Roads
  7.Corner Lot with red light
  8.Will provide compaction soil report when complete
  9.In 2008 sold 1.57 acre lot across the street for $3 Million
  10. Will Consider a Long Term Lease